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The VvTP (Vereniging voor Technische Physica) is the Student Association of Applied Physics students, bachelor and master, at Delft University of Technology. The VvTP is an active and well organized association and is completely run by students. About 150 of its 1200 members are involved in a committee or as a full time board member for a year. Because of the high percentage of active members, students get easily involved in the organisation of various activities as well as ensuring a high participation rate.

Formally, the objectives of the VvTP are to diversify the interests of Applied Physics students and to advance the study for Applied Sciences. To accomplish these objectives, the association is active in four different areas: education, career orientation, science and entertainment.


The prime reason for the existence of our student association is its involvement in education. The VvTP therefore takes its education related tasks very seriously and stays in close contact with the faculty. The VvTP acts as a quality watchdog on education and gives feedback from students to faculty. The VvTP gets its information from students during so-called Education Feedback Lunch. At these meetings, students can state their complaints and comments about the courses. From this, the VvTP obtains accurate information about education and necessary changes are then proposed to the education committee, teachers or the education director. Due to years of good relations with staff, remarks made by the VvTP are taken seriously, often resulting in rapid response and effective action.

A few times during their study, students are confronted with a range of different choices in their education. They have to choose a minor, a topic for their bachelor thesis and finally, a master thesis. Since there are so many options, the VvTP tries to help students with these decisions. By organizing tours to investigate the different research groups, providing information and publishing a Research Group Guide, the students are well informed and they can make deliberate, well-informed, decisions.

Career orientation

The VvTP is an important link between students and companies. Since physics is a very broad field, students often have to possibility to have a career in numerous areas of interest. The VvTP organises on a regular basis excursion to various institutes and companies, so students can see exactly how physicists use their knowledge later in their career. Also, companies often give presentations at our faculty, for example during lunch so that students can become acquainted with companies in an easy-going and accessible way.

In addition to one day excursions, the VvTP organises annually a three-day trip with destinations such as Cologne, Antwerp and Groningen for younger students and is a study tour organized almost every year, with destinations in Europe, North America or Asia. The VvTP is co-organiser of De Delftse Bedrijvendagen, in which students can undergo the entire process from orientation to job application. In addition, once every two years a CaseTour is organised for the more ambitious students who are interested in working at the top.

Physics related extracurricular activities

The VvTP organises a range of physics-related activities, specifically aimed at increasing the extent of knowledge our students and faculty staff have. Highlight is the annual symposium with an average attendance of more than two hundred visitors. Completely organised by our own students, this day aims to explore a subject of physics in-depth by prominent lectures.

A few times a year lectures are organised on a wide variety of subjects. Both fundamental physics topics are discussed as well as important historical figures or the latest applications. These lectures are a welcome variation from the standard program and give both students and academic staff of the faculty yje opportunity to enjoy the broad range of physics-related topics. Some prominent speakers who have given lectures in recent years are David Griffiths, Walter Lewin, Andre Geim and Alain Aspect.

One of the biggest extracurricular activities of the VvTP is the annual study trip, both in and outside Europe. The participants in such a trip will visit universities and companies on site, pick up some of the local culture and of course have some free time to relax. In 2016 30 students visited Hongkong, China, Singapore and Malaysia. In 2017 a study tour to Helsinki, Tallinn and St. Petersburg was organised. 

In the area of broadening of your person, the VvTP organises a few courses a year.  These courses can range from communication skills to acquisition and from building your own server to making a report in LaTeX.

<span >Social activities

Alongside all of the educational activities mentioned above, the VvTP organizes a wide range of social activities, such as a parties, movies, drinks, a barbecue and many others. These activities serve both to strengthen and maintain contact between our members. The above-mentioned excursions and lectures, and the study tour are also part of these activities. The so-called birthday of the association, the 2nd of December, is celebrated with a week full of activities. For all students and faculty staff a sports day is organised with adjacent barbecue and we offer lunch at a small fee for our students every day. We also provide our members with free coffee to help them through their classes.

Every year a yearbook is published, which contains an extensive report on the preceding year, information about faculty and  her staff, research done at our faculty. Furthermore ‘De Physicus’, the VvTP’s quarterly magazine, is published.                           

<span >More information

Would you like to know more about the VvTP, her activities or about Applied Physics in general, please contact us.

Address:  Lorentzweg 1 
 Room A109 
 2628 CJ Delft
Telephone:  015 - 27 86 122
KvK:  40397154
Internet:  www.vvtp.tudelft.nl
E-mail:  vvtp@vvtp.tudelft.nl