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The Activities Committee of the VvTP organizes a variety of activities throughout the year. An example would be the drinks at different student associations in Delft.  

The AC also organizes a number of times a yearbreak series’, these are lunches where you can eat while you enjoy the most legendary series. This year, the AC also launched a Valentine dinner and a big party with two student associations in Leiden.

Besides these activities,  which are not too serious, the AC organizes the ‘Meerdaagse Excursie’More information can be found under MDE.

The Activities Committee 2020/2021 consists of:

President Wessel Bins
Secretaris Isa Veeneman
Thesaurier Peter Schaeffers
Vice President Twan Terpstra
Commissaris MDE Jelle Bootsma
Commissaris Promo Jacob Schut
QQ Finn Swanenburg


The Activity Committee can be contacted at ac@vvtp.tudelft.nl