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This society (Alumni Vereniging Technische Natuurkunde - AVTN in Dutch) was founded in 2004 to recover and to improve the contact between the Applied Physics Engineers from Delft, the students and the faculty. Since 2012 is decided that everyone who has received their bul will be automatically an alumnus. There are no charges for this action. The alumnus can decide for himself to become a subscriber to De Physicus, the magazine of the Vereneging voor Technische Physica (VvTP).

The AVTN consists of two members of the board of the VvTP and one member of the Masterdispuut. The masterdispuut organizes activities especially for master students, like excursions and alumni dinners.

For more information about the AVTN, or to become a member, the board of the AVTN can be reached by e-mail.