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The board of the Student Association for Applied Physics (VvTP) is formed by six students of Applied Physics. These six students put their studies on hold for one year to run the association on a full time basis. The board room is located in room A109 of the Applied Physics building (building no. 22). The tasks of the board members are very diverse; the board represents all Applied Physics students to the Applied Sciences faculty, the TU Delft and the Dutch corporate sector. Besides that, the board supervises all VvTP committees and activities. The board changes yearly and is elected by the General Assemby

The board of the Vereniging voor Technische Physica of the year 2022/2023 is composed of

President Niek Sevenhuysen
Secretaris / Commissaris Extern
Andreas Schober
Thesaurier / Commissaris Extern
Tessa van Duin
Commissaris Extern Mark van der Gun
Commissaris Onderwijs Bachelor Isa Veeneman
Commissaris Onderwijs Master Anna Verdouw