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The study Applied Physics consists of a three-year Bachelor and a two-year Masters. During this course you get such a broad base of knowledge that you have many opportunities. This is for example reflected in the many Masters that you can attend after your Bachelor Applied Physics. Below you can find more information about the Bachelor Applied Physics.

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First year (propedeuse)

In the first year of the Bachelor, students get a strong math base where they benefit from during the second and third year of their study. The program also includes a large amount of diverse physics subjects. In addition to these courses, the students attend practical subjects to get familiar with doing research .

Second year

The second year of the Bachelor includes many courses that are taken deeper into a specific facet of physics. Examples are: Quantum Mechanics, Electromagnetism and Physical Transport Phenomena. Throughout the year you go up through the departments to do research. This introduces you to the research at the faculty.

Third year


At the beginning of the third year, students choose a minor. You can do just about anything, think of a minor in mechanical engineering, philosophy courses, achievement of your teaching competence, going abroad or even a deepening physics minor. For more information, please visit the minor guide.


The second part of the third year starts with a number of physics courses. After these courses you begin your Bachelor Final Project. This project is the completion of your Bachelor which you can do in the department of your choice. The topic of this project is not set, each department usually has a number of possible topics.