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Below is a list of persons that can be useful. If you are looking for someone else, then you can probably find him in the directory that is on blackboard.

Commissioner of Bachelor Education:
Naam: Lys Schiereck
Email: bachelor@vvtp.tudelft.nl; onderwijs@vvtp.tudelft.nl
Kamer: A 109

Commissioner of Master Education:
Naam: Sibren van der Meer
Email: master@vvtp.tudelft.nl; onderwijs@vvtp.tudelft.nl
Kamer: A 109

academic advisor Bachelor:
Naam: GertJan Broekman
Email: G.J.Broekman@tudelft.nl
Kamer: A 212

Study Coordinator Bachelor:
Naam: Erik Schoorlemmer
Email: E.Schoorlemmer@tudelft.nl
Kamer: A 208

Study Coordinator Master:
Naam: Arno Haket
Email: A.J.W.Haket@tudelft.n
Kamer: A 206

Study director Bachelor:
Naam: Chris Kleijn
Email: C.R.Kleijn@tudelft.nl
Kamer: TN gebouw 22, kamer F204; of Applied Sciences gebouw 58, kamer F2.350

Study director Master:
Naam: Jos Thijssen
Email: J.M.Thijssen@tudelft.nl
Kamer: F338

Practicum Administration
Naam: Romy de Man
Email: R.F.deMan@tudelft.nl
Kamer: A001