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Below is a list of persons that can be useful. If you are looking for someone else, then you can probably find them in the directory that is on Brightspace or on the TU Delft website.

Commissioner of Education Bachelor:
Name: Job Sanders
Email: bachelor@vvtp.tudelft.nlonderwijs@vvtp.tudelft.nl
Room: A 109

Commissioner of Education Master:
Name: Mike van Vliet
Email: master@vvtp.tudelft.nlonderwijs@vvtp.tudelft.nl
Room: A 109

Academic Counsellor Bachelor:
Name: GertJan Broekman
Email: G.J.Broekman@tudelft.nl
Room: A 212

Academic Counsellor Bachelor & Master:
Name: Alyssa van 't Hout
Email: A.vanthout@tudelft.nl
Room: A 204

Programme Coordinator Master:
Name: Arno Haket
Email: A.J.W.Haket@tudelft.nl
Room: A 206

Director of Studies Bachelor:
Name: Roel Smit
Email: R.H.M.Smit@tudelft.nl
Room: F160

Director of Studies Master:
Name: Jos Thijssen
Email: J.M.Thijssen@tudelft.nl
Room: F154

Practicum Administration
Email: adminnp@tudelft.nl
Kamer: A001