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Education and the VvTP

Besides all the activities the VvTP organizes, a significant part of the association is actively involved in the education given in the physics related programmes. For instance, we take care of the feedback from the students on courses to the relevant professors, exert influence on the larger outlines of the bachelor and master’s programme via the relevant committees, and we keep a close contact with all the faculty’s teaching professors.  Besides this, we sell a selection of books that are used in the Bachelor & Master of Applied Physics programmes.

Practical information

Want official information about courses? Check the Studyguide!

Do you want to enroll for a course and see its documents? Go to Brightspace!

Do you want to see your schedule? Go to mytimetable.tudelft.nl!

Do you want to see recorded lectures? Go to collegerama!

Do you want to print? See webprint.tudelft.nl!

Do you want to see the files on your personal TU disk on a not-TU-computer? Check webdata.tudelft.nl!

Do you want to install Microsoft Office 365 ? Use the manual!

Do you want to install MATLAB, Python or other software? See software.tudelft.nl!

Do you want to purchase a laptop via the TU or do you have IT-questions? See the laptopproject!

Not yet found what you are looking for? Check this link!


One of the important medium we use to get feedback on the courses and lectures from the students are the so-called feedback lunches. In these meetings, which are always held during lunchtime, students can give feedback on the different courses contained in the bachelor- and master of Applied Physics programmes.

If you would like an indication of how other students perceive courses, an overview of course evalutaions can be found on this Brightspace page.

More information

Most education related announcements & information can be found on the relevant communities on Brightspace. Make sure you are enrolled for the community which belongs to your programme, for instance the ‘Bachelor Technische Natuurkunde’- or the ‘Master of Applied Physics’-communities. The teachers and course organization expect you to be aware of the updates that are posted there.

If you have any questions:

Job Sanders and Mike van Vliet

Commissioners of Education '21/'22