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The Photo Committee is responsible for making Photo's  at all VvTP activities. This is important because of the organizing committees appreciate it if there are photos available of their activity. Photos are also a good way for companies to understand what the VvTP is doing. Until 2010 the Photoco consisted of three freshmen and a QQ'er. Board 78 has changed this by increasing this number to six and by adding two seniors. This expansion has led to more activities. Photoco Physion introduced a removable hanging collage, took family pictures on parents day, made the Phlitsch of the Physicus every quarter and the committee made a Photoyearbook.

Phyzier 2019/2020 consists of:


President Sjors van der Schot
Secretaris Robert Ingham
Thesaurier Lex de Groot
Commissaris Phlitsch
Maaike Smit
Commissaris Film/Social Media
Anna Verdouw
Commissaris Film/Social Media
Quintin Hendriks
QQ 87 Danish Nabi