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Apart from the drinks, which are members only, the VvTP also organizes parties that are open to all students. Amongst these is the annual Applied Sciences Party or TNW Feest (from 2012 on LABdance). It is organized in cooperation with the student associations for Molecular Science and Technology, T.G., and Life Science and Technology, LIFE.  LABdance which usually draws a crowd of about 300 students has been a great success for the last couple of years. Theme outfits are always appreciated!

LABdance 2015 took place on March 25th.

President Jelle van Kerkhof
Secretary Maaike van Schie
Treasurer Jan Hulsebosch
Commissioner of Promotion Nella Adriana
QQ Hooke Lianne Folkerts
QQ VvTP Vlei Blommers
QQ TG Sterre de Lange
QQ LIFE Yared Pijman