Are you nearly finished with your Master’s? Are you looking for an internship or are you just curious what your opportunities will be after you finish your studies? Then we are very proud to present to you: Applied Sciences connect

On the 19th of June, this brand new career event will take place at the TU Delft. Applied Sciences connect, or ASconnect for short, is an initiative from the four study associations of Applied Sciences: the VvTP from Applied Physics, TG from Molecular Science & Technology, LIFE from Life Science & Technology and Hooke from Nanobiology. Together, we will organise a career event that represents the multidisciplinary background of the students of Applied Sciences.

ASconnect differs from other career events, such as DDB, because it is specifically organised for the studies at the Faculty of Applied Sciences. This means we will invite companies that can be interesting for multiple study programmes within the faculty. These companies will therefore have an interdisciplinary nature, just like the studies it relates to. If you are interested in working in the field of your study, connecting with these companies will be a great opportunity for your future career.

 The study programmes of Applied Sciences have in common that the students are trying to understand the world around them. Where other studies learn to apply certain techniques and formulas in the real world, we all try to understand the knowledge behind those formulas. The goal is to introduce these students to their career opportunities within different companies. By connecting them at this event we hope to help many students in finding an interesting internship or even a job.

The first edition of ASconnect will take place in the evening of the 19th of June, 2017. During this evening, about ten businesses will claim a spot in the atrium of the new Applied Sciences building. They are all carefully chosen for their relation to the studies, but they are also chosen to give a view of the broad possibilities after your BSc or MSc. You can visit all the companies at their stands on the ground and first floor. Besides that someome companies will also present themselves during one of the three presentation rounds. All while you can talk to employees about the work they do and get to know the company in which you might work one day.

The event is open for everyone who is interested in the field of Biochemistry, Biophysics, Life Sciences and Biotechnology. The registration for the event is not yet open but we will keep you updated. If you want more information you are welcome to visit our Facebook page or the website of one of the study associations. In addition, you can ask us all your questions in person or via mail.

The Applied Sciences connect committee of 2017/2018 consists of:


Leon Olde Scholtenhuis Chairman
Michelle Tramper Secretary
Enya Berrevoets Treasurer
Zipporah Gerstenbluth Commissioner Logistics
Anouk Dutrée QQ Hooke
Marjolein Willems QQ LIFE
Lianne Bruggink QQ TG
Anne-Fleur Dijkhorst QQ VvTP

For more information you could visit and for questions ASconnect can be reached at