The Cigar Research Committee (CRC) investigates the physics around the cigar. CRC’s research aims at de-mystification of cigar storage and smoking; the ultimate goal to give scientifically sound consultancy related to cigars.CRC issupported by VvTP and Hukseflux Thermal Sensors (a company specialising in thermal measurements). The foundation of CRC was motivated by the observation that the taste of cigars seems quite inconsistent and sometimes good cigars turn out bad.

More detailed information of the kind of research that the CRG is focussed on can be downloaded here. 

De Sigaren Onderzoekscommissie bestaat momenteel uit:

President Chiel Donkers
Comm. Humidor Kees van den Bos
Comm. Aansteekmiddelen Witek Nawara
Comm. Liquide Middelen Stijn Pinson
Comm. Liquide Aerosol Jesse Slim