Master Thesis project management workshop by MareVisie

Georganiseerd door VvTP Bestuur
Vrijdag 5 juni 15:30 - 17:00

Did you already start with your Master Thesis or do you want to start soon? And are you looking for tips and tricks to manage your project effectively and finish it in the time you have planned for it? Do you want to know how to take ownership over your project? The experienced project managers at MareVisie Projectmanagement can help you to accomplish that in this workshop! 

Especially when you are in the preparation phase, you can directly translate the knowledge from this workshop to your project. If you still have to start, it is valuable to get a structure for the planning of the project. The study advisor will also be present to answer your questions.

Apply here and fill in any questions you already have so the instructors can personalize the workshop. During the workshop there is plenty of time for questions as well. When you have applied, you will receive a link to the workshop by email on June 5th around 14:00.