Casetour 2013 information and interest drink

Anne-Nynke Blok
Donderdag 2 mei 2013
The CaseTour is an event organized by the study associations for Aerospace Engineering (VSV 'Leonardo da Vinci') and the study association of Applied Physics (VvTP). During the CaseTour 30 Aerospace and Applied Physics Master students will visit 5 world-leading companies and perform Cases for these companies. This year the CaseTour will take place in London from October 14th until October 18th.

On May 2nd (20:00) an interest drink will be hosted in the Atmosfeer during which we will provide you with information regarding the CaseTour.

For further information please also subscribe for our mailing list via our website: casetour.tudelft.nl, and receive our newsletter with the latest CaseTour updates!

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