Kroniglezing Leo Kouwenhoven

Lisanne Coenen
Maandag 4 juni 2012

A lecture on the recently found Majorana particles can of course not be missed in this lecture season. Prof. Leo Kouwenhoven, a professor on the faculty of Applied Sciences will give a lecture on his recent findings. Prof. Kouwenhoven already received a Spinoza Prize for his work and is currently one of the leading scientists in the field of quantum computing.  

His article, in which he proves that he and his team observed a Majorana particle, caused a stir in the field of quantum computing. With the long searched Majorana particle, already predicted by the Italian physicist Ettore Majorana, the development of the quantum computer is one step closer. In this lecture he will explain what a Majorana particle exactly is and why it is so important.

So don’t miss this lecture! It will be held at Tuesday June 12th, 16:00h in Aula Lectureroom B.

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